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The Winners and Losers in This Market


Hey friend,

Ross Givens said that the most likely move post-Fed meeting was an upside surprise…

And so far, he’s been 100% right. So let’s see how the markets have been moving as we close out the trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday – keeping all index directions back firmly in the green.

The Daily Nugget

Winners make small mistakes, losers make big mistakes.

This applies in more ways than one.

On the downside, winners stick to their stop losses – keeping mistakes small. Losers ignore them – turning small mistakes into big ones.

On the upside, winners are willing to be aggressive in a rising market, because they have the discipline to keep their losses small.

Losers are timid – afraid to go after opportunities because they’ve been burned too many times before (ironically, from not being able to keep their losses small) – causing them to miss out.

Right now, risk appetite is strong and the market is rising.

Winners know this is the time to get aggressive.

That’s why earlier this morning, Ross Givens went live for a masterclass that would’ve allowed you to target the stocks at the forefront of this rising market.

Those who took action to attend this masterclass are likely already setting up their trades before the week is out – putting themselves in a fantastic position to achieve superperformance.

But if you missed Ross’ masterclass, it’s still not too late.

You can click here to watch the masterclass replay…

Or click here to book a call with one of our trusted Education Specialists to find out more about how to use his FIRE strategy to hit your goals.

Whatever you do – do it before the weekend.

Time to be a winner.

The Traders Agency Team

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