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Bull Trap? Don’t Care


Hey friend,

Let’s see how the markets have been moving after the Fed’s decision yesterday.

The Daily Direction

Note: A mixed close yesterday, with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ rising slightly but the Dow and the Russell 2000 falling. All directions remain solidly in the green, though.

The Daily Direction

Bull traps matter to long-term investors – not traders.

Lots of bears out there are still calling this market a “bull trap” – pointing to things like falling money supply, new Treasury issuances, and resumption of student loan payments weighing on the economy.

And with the Fed hinting that future rate hikes are still on the table, the bears have been crying even louder.

We don’t believe they’re correct. Ross Givens has been banging the table calling this the new bull market since March.

So far, he’s been right.

But guess what? Even if this all turns out to be one huge bull trap – it doesn’t matter.

Because as short-term agile traders, we can still ride the so-called bull trap to the top – and get out with a nice profit.

That’s why Ross Givens is going live RIGHT NOW to show you how to use his “MVP Pattern” to play this market (regardless whether it’s a bull trap or not)….

Using this pattern could already have handed you returns like:

And with this market set to run even further – at least in the short term…

You don’t want to miss your shot at fast profits.

So click here to join him in the live room now…

And see why you don’t need to care whether this is a “bull trap” or not.

The Traders Agency Team

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