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Counterintuitive Sign of a Roaring Market


Hey friend,

It’s the last day markets are open for 2023.

The price action looks unimpressive compared to some of the big up days we’ve seen in the past couple months.

Nonetheless, we’re still in the middle of a rally – and 2024 looks like it’ll be off to a great start.

The Daily Direction

Note: Indexes closed mixed yesterday, with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones up –while the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 closed marginally lower. No change in the solid green Daily Direction table, however.

The Daily Nugget

“If the major market indexes ignore an extremely overbought condition after a bear market decline and your list of leaders expands, this should be viewed as a sign of strength.”

~Mark Minervini

So many people are out there screaming their heads off about how the market is “overbought”.

But as one of Ross’ favorite traders says, when market indexes ignore these so-called overbought conditions and market leadership actually expands – this is a sign of strength.

That’s exactly what Ross is seeing right now…

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These premium strategies are designed to help you make 2024 the best trading year of your life…

And there’s no better deal on them than what you’re getting today.

Soi, if you haven’t already…

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Ross will see you in a bit.

The Traders Agency Team

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