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Dangerous Trading Trap


Hey friend,

Strong U.S. GDP numbers were not enough to lift the market’s mood – which was largely disappointed by Big Tech earnings.

All indexes – but one – closed lower yesterday…

So let’s see how the markets have been moving as we close out this trading week.

The Daily Direction

Note: Only the Russell 2000 index – the year’s worst performer – managed to eke out a small gain yesterday. The Nasdaq is now officially in correction territory, with its long-term direction flipping downward.

The Daily Nugget

Instead of trying to pick a bottom, wait for the stock to decisively pivot to increase your odds of success.

One of the most dangerous endeavors in trading is to try to pick bottoms.

The chance of failure is simply too high…

And yet many traders keep trying anyway – lured by the promise of the “biggest gains possible”.

Don’t fall into this trap.

A much more higher-percentage strategy is to wait until a falling stock has decisively pivoted instead.

Yes, your maximum gains will be slightly smaller…

But your chance of success will be dramatically higher…

Resulting in higher and more consistent profits over the longer term.

So the question is – how do you know when a stock has decisively pivoted?

One proven way to do so is to look at when the institutional “smart money” is quietly building up positions in a stock…

Because their plan after that is to almost always run its price up.

Of course, they try to keep their position building as under the radar as possible…

But if you know what to look for, you could get in right alongside them – and enjoy the gains as they run the price up.

Ross Givens learned how to spot these tell-tale signs during his time at one of the biggest institutions on Wall Street…

And he’s compiled everything he knows into an easy-to-follow strategy that could allow you to profit from Wall Street’s trades.

And because it’s Halloween…

He’s making this strategy available to you for just 99 cents.

That’s less than the price of a candy bar…

So don’t wait – click here to grab Ross’ flagship strategy for just 99 cents while this deal still lasts.

The Traders Agency Team

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