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Get This Confused and Miss Out on Big Trading Gains


Hey friend,

Yes, the markets did pull back rather sharply yesterday.

But as Ross Givens has been saying, not only is it to be expected – but it’s even necessary to set up the next leg higher.

Plus, even with the decline, you can see that The Daily Direction table remains a single color still – green.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed sharply lower yesterday. But thanks to the size of the rally that preceded it, there are currently still no changes in any index directions yet.

The Daily Nugget

Remember that price leads sentiment – not the other way round.

Prices shoot up, sentiment becomes bullish. Price crash, sentiment turns bearish.

It seems obvious on the surface.

But too often, beginner trades subconsciously act as if the opposite is true.

Remember what happened when the market flipped back upward in November – it happened during a time of peak bearish sentiment.

If you acted as if sentiment led price, you would have missed out on some of the biggest gains to be had.

So always remember – price leads, sentiment follows. Never confuse it for the other way round.

That’s how Ross Givens has been able to be so spot on with his market calls this year – deep price action analysis (his specialty).

And right now, the price action is telling him that this is just a healthy and necessary pullback – one that could set us up for an even bigger rally next year.

And it’s also telling him that the institutional investors are also buying in…

Meaning if you know which stocks they’re targeting…

You could buy in right before they send these stocks surging – essentially using their money to profit.

The key to spotting these stocks is to identify the distinctive trading patterns that signal the institutional money is quietly moving into a stock – what Ross calls “Stealth Trades”…

And since Christmas is almost here…

You can get a full year of recommendations from Ross’ Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 cents by clicking here.

There’s no catch – but we can’t keep this deal open for much longer.

And remember, this pullback could be over very soon, sending the market on its next leg up.

So act now, before it’s too late.

The Traders Agency Team

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