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Leaving Money on the Table


Hey friend,

November has historically been one of the strongest trading months of the year…

And this year is no different.

The rally just keeps going – so before you enjoy some juicy turkey in a couple of days…

Let’s see how the markets have been moving.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday. No change in any directions – although the Russell 2000 is very close to regaining an upward long-term direction.

The Daily Nugget

If you feel bad when adding to a winning position – you need to reevaluate your trading psychology.

Let’s say you make a small “test” buy on a stock – and it quickly rises to become a winning position.

When you consider adding to this position – which will necessarily be at a higher entry price…

Do you feel bad doing so, and wish you had put in a larger stake right from the start?

If you answered yes, then it means you feel bad about “leaving money on the table” – which is normal.

But the truth is, “leaving money on the table” is a NECESSARY component of confirming your trades – which will dramatically increase your win rate.

This is something you have to learn to accept.

And once you do, you’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference it can make to your results.

This is how Ross Givens confirms all his breakouts…

And while this strategy does involve “leaving some money on the table” – it’s more than made up for it through sheer consistency.

Plus, we’re holding a very special “early Black Friday” sale right now…

Where you can get Ross’ flagship breakout strategy – a strategy that pinpoints potential breakouts based on “smart money” activity – for just 99 CENTS.

There’s no catch – just a great deal (that we can’t keep open for long).

So click here to get Ross’ flagship breakout strategy for less than a dollar now.

The Traders Agency Team

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