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Put Me In, Coach!


So many of you joined me yesterday for my live coaching event as I went through my Surge Stock Indicators (SSI) and so many of my surge stocks. It was a great event and I enjoyed doing it so much that I’ll plan to do another one soon – so stay tuned!

In my live coaching event – I gave you the tools and the whole toolbox of my SSI so that you can get into the game of surging stocks.

You need to get into the game of cashing in on my surging stocks!

In case you want to review your notes from my coaching event or if you missed the event (how could you!) – we’re posting the replay that you can access right here.

My Money in the Game

I built my Stock Surge Indicators (SSI) after years of figuring out what works and what absolutely doesn’t work.

I’ve been putting my SSI to work each and every day for my family and friends.

And over the past week, I have just begun to introduce my SSI in my Traders Daily Direction and the core indicators that make up my system that I use to find stocks with SSI ratings that surge in price over shorter time frames.

And you need to watch the replay of my free live event – either to get my full coaching experience or to review your notes. And again, here’s the replay.

As the playbook for my coaching event, you need to read through my guide to the SSI with my special report: The Magic of the Stock Surge Indicator that you can read right now here.

Surge Stock Success

In my coaching event I went through all of the surge stocks that I’ve been presenting to you in my Surge Stock Daily. And I included surge stocks like my BlueLinx BXC and its double-digit surge in just the week alone. And to get the rundown on this and four other surge stocks, you need to download and read my free special report: 5 Stocks Blowing Out Ross’ Stock Surge Indicator. You can access it right here.

And in my special coaching event, I presented four new surge stocks that you need to buy right now. Here’s a quick summary. But you need to watch the replay for the full surge report on these that you can access right here and now.

RCI Hospitality (RICK)

RCI Hospitality (RICK) is all about getting out and about and having a good time after a year of being stuck at home. The company runs a series of entertainment venues including nightclubs in Texas and beyond around the US.

It has a surge rating of 99/100 and the stock proves it with a surging price gain of 606.06% over the past year.

RCI Hospitality (RICK) Total Return Source Bloomberg

Western Midstream Partners (WES)

Western Midstream Partners (WES) has a surge score of 94/100. The passthrough partnership is in the midstream segment of the Texas oil market. This means that it gathers crude oil and natural gas from fields and processes and transports it to refineries and other commercial customers.

The stock has been surging with the return of the oil and gas market throughout the US – and especially in Texas. The stock is up by 203.91% in price. And with its tax-advantaged big dividend yielding 6.03% it has returned an overall 238.00%.

Western Midstream Partners (WES) Total Return Source Bloomberg

Tecnoglass (TGLS)

Tecnoglass (TGLS) has a surge score of 98/100 and is in the business of making and selling architectural glass, windows and related products for homes and commercial buildings throughout North and South America. And with the building boom in the US alone – the company is surging in sales.

And the stock is proving its surge score with a gain of 123.88% in price and a total return including its dividend of 124.39% so far this year alone.

Tecnoglass (TGLS) Total Return Source Bloomberg

Tecnoglass (TGLS) Total Return Source Bloomberg

Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV)

Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV) is a sporting goods retailer based in California. And it has a surge score of 99/100.

Sporting goods has been a great market over last year and into this year as folks wanted and needed to get outside and do something fun. And Big 5 was big with its sales to meet that big demand.

The stock proves Big Five’s surging sales and its surge score as it has gained 2200.79% in price and has returned 2287.75% including its 2.48% dividend over the past year alone.

Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV) Total Return Source Bloomberg

My Coaching Isn’t Just Stock Picks

But my live free coaching event isn’t just about giving stock tips. That only gets you some quick surge profits. Quick profits are great – but I need to give you more.

I teach you how to identify surge stocks thanks to my SSI Indicators. This means that you will be empowered to buy surge stocks not just last week or this week – but week after week.

In my event, I teach the following:

  • How I created my Stock Surge Watchlist
  • How I track down and dig up my Stock Surge Breakouts – before they break out!
  • How I put my SSI playbook into action with a demonstration with real market data
  • How the SSI Indicators work and how to use them to find stocks that surge quickly
  • And how I avoid Wall Street’s you know what to get to the best Stock Surges.

So, if you joined me yesterday and want to review your notes or if you missed my coaching event – you can watch the replay as I go through the power of my Stock Surge Indicators (SSI) and the stocks that are surging.

To access my free coaching event replay, all you have to do is click here. 

That’s it for now, but I’m looking forward to coaching you on cashing in on more surging stocks that I present and explain each and every day in my Traders Daily Direction.

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