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Smart Money Footprints


Hey friend,

A rebound in 10-year Treasury yields and disappointing results from tech giant Alphabet pressured markets downward yesterday.

There is now one green holdout in the Daily Direction table – and even that may not last.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed negative yesterday, sending the S&P 500’s long-term direction back downward. The Nasdaq’s long-term direction is the only remaining holdout – but it’s perilously close to also flipping downward.

The Daily Nugget

“To knowledgeable investors, chart patterns are not squiggles on a price chart; they are the footprints of the smart money.”
~Thomas Bulkowski

This is a quote by Thomas Bulkowski – legendary trader and author who literally wrote the book on chart patterns.

For laymen, chart patterns just tell you the opening and closing price of a stock, as well as the general trend.

But for the experienced trader – the one who truly understands these patterns…

They reveal the footprints of the smart money – the big institutional investors with the real power to move markets.

So, if you want to learn exactly how to spot these “smart money footprints”…

And potentially get in right alongside them so you can ride the wave to the top…

Then we’ve got good news for you.

Because, for a very limited time only…

You can access a full year of Ross Givens’ “smart money” strategy for just 99 cents.

You know what the smart choice is.

So grab it before it’s too late.

The Traders Agency Team

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