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Stop Talking About the Market (Do This Instead)


Hey friend,

A big move down on Tuesday followed by a strong recovery on Wednesday.

This kind of whip-saw action shouldn’t surprise you – it’s a classic market digestion move.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday, with the Russell 2000 making the strongest move upward (although it also made the biggest move downward on Tuesday). All index directions are now back upward.

The Daily Nugget

Talking about the market is easy – acting on it is hard. But only action creates profits..

When it comes to the market, talk is cheap. There are no consequences if you’re wrong.

Action is expensive. And there are certainly consequences for mistakes.

But without action, there cannot be profits. Talking about the market has no consequences – but also no gains.

This is also why having an expert like Ross Givens guide you through your actions in an uncertain market can be so helpful.

It’ll shortcut the learning curve and transform you into a skilled trader faster than you thought possible.

Right now, we’re facing a market dilemma.

Yes, the market is hot – but it’s also overdue for a pullback or correction.

You want to participate – but you also don’t want to be burned by the coming pullback.

Taking action then becomes difficult.

The good news is, Ross has the solution.

Just follow the “smart money” – the ones with the firepower to create market leaders in the first place.

He explains the strategy that will allow you to easily do that right here.

The Traders Agency Team

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