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Surfing the Surge


Monday, it’s the day that most start their week – but not for me. I’m up and at ’em each and every day working to catch the wave of the next surge stock for you in my Surge Stock Daily.

I have a new surge stock to give you in a moment. But first let me make sure that you’re on board the surging waves of three of the stocks that I’ve been covering over the past days inside my Surge Stock Daily.

BlueLinx (BTC)

And one of the big waves that is surging now is with my BlueLinx (BTC) with my Surge Score of 99/100 that I brought you last week and detail in my special report for you: 5 Stocks Blowing Out Ross’ Stock Surge Indicator.

If you still haven’t read it yet, you can get your hands on it (and some of my other special reports) right here.

19.85% in just a few days – now that’s a wave that makes for a great surge stock!

BlueLinx (BXC) Source Bloomberg

I’ve shown you how this company has surging sales in the hot market of home building materials and products. And the company has its management and board buying more shares as they want to get on board the surge just as I have told you to do.

Surges Take A Day or Just Hours

Another stock, Digital Turbine (APPC) is another surging stock with my Surge Score of 99/100. Friday’s opening hours saw the stock surge and surge strongly gaining 9.03% in just two hours of trading.

Digital Turbine (APPS) Source Bloomberg

The company provides mobile phone platforms for all sorts of games, chat functions and other revenue generators and works with all of the major carriers in the US, Europe, Asia and beyond.

And that 9.03% hourly gain is just part of its 1119.21% return over just the past year alone. The stock confirms my Surge Stock Indicators (SSI) – particularly #3 that I detail in my special report: The Magic of the Stock Surge Indicator that is available with the rest of my special reports, right here.

Surging it is – and you should get on board the wave.

Power REIT (PW)

Power to the People

Power REIT (PW) with my Surge Score of 93/100 is another surge stock that I gave you Friday. And right out of the gate, this cannabis pick and shovel company of a real estate investment trust (REIT) surged higher by 4.26% in the opening 26 minutes.

Power REIT (PW) Source Bloomberg

Power REIT leases greenhouses to cannabis companies and make more cash from leasing out land for solar power utilities that gets it a big green ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) rating with institutional buyers. They have been buying and owning 36.54% of the outstanding shares and more may follow. Insider and Institutional buying is another important factor in my Surge Stock Indicators (SSI) that is empowering me to bring you more surge stocks.

InfuSystems Holdings (INFU)

Without Another Minute…Buy This Stock

Inside my special report, 5 Stocks Blowing Out Ross’ Stock Surge Indicator – I detail another surge stock in InfuSystems Holdings (INFU) with my Surge Score of 84/100. The stock has been surging since last November to now with a gain of 68.25% for an annual equivalent return of 177.58%.

InfuSystems Holdings Total Return Source Bloomberg

InfuSystems Holdings makes infusion pumps. Infusion pumps are used in hospitals and other medical facilities to deliver all sorts of liquids into patients including nutrients, chemotherapy drugs, insulin and many other necessary items prescribed by doctors.

Even before the pandemic, the market was already strong for these devices both in the US and worldwide. But with the dire impacts of the virus – the need for infusions and the required infusion pumps has been all the stronger.

InfuSystems’ evenue shows impressive quarterly growth for its must have products. For the most recent quarter, revenue gains were 13.82% – and while not quite as exciting as some technology companies – its quarterly gains over the last two years shows stronger double-digit gains quarter after quarter. And over the trailing five years, revenue has been advancing at an average of 22.44% on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) basis.

Institutional buyers have been surging in their buying and owning of InfuSystems’ shares by over 40% over the past year. And they join insiders that have been buying thousands of shares in the open market – as they know a surge stock firsthand.

And the stock is proving my Surge Stock Indicator #2 that I want to introduce to you now. 

Now Let Me Introduce

SSI Indicator #2

Surge Stock Indicator #2 is when a stock price is at least 30% above its 52-week low. 

It is not enough that a stock is simply moving higher. It must be doing so in a meaningful way.

You could easily find 100 stocks going up. But if they’re only going up 4% a year… who cares? It’s not going to move the needle for your portfolio.

Our goal is to focus on stocks that are moving significantly higher and have the ability to continue doing so.

To filter out the laggards, you want to target those companies trading at least 30% above their 52-week low.

And InfuSystems, BlueLinx, Digital Turbine, Power REIT and all of my other Surge Stocks meet and beat SSI Indicator #2.

There is a lot more to SSI #2 and again you need to read my special report: The Magic of the Stock Surge Indicator. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, go here and download it now. 

You Need to See Me Live Wednesday

I want to go through more stocks like BlueLinx, Digital Turbine, Power REIT, InfuSystems as well as the meat of my SSI Indicators with you. I am set for a live session next Wednesday that you need to sign up for free as a subscriber to my Surge Stock Daily. However, you need to go here and get registered right now. Slots are already filling up, and as one of my subscribers, I don’t want you to miss this opportunity. 

That’s it for now, but tomorrow I’ll show you another SSI surge stock to buy. So be sure to open and read my Surge Stock Daily. And if you’ve missed any of our recent editions, don’t worry – you can still check everything out right here

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