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The True Costs of Missing a Market Rally


Hey friend,

So far the Santa Claus rally has not disappointed.

Christmas may be over, but the Daily Direction remains a solid shade of green. And if things go right, it’ll stay that way for quite a while.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday – which was the official Day 2 of the Santa Claus rally. Let’s see if the last three trading days of the year and week can stay positive.

The Daily Nugget

The biggest costs of inaction are opportunity costs.

Staying on the sidelines in cash feels safe.

Not participating in the “risky” markets feels safe.

And we, as humans, love to feel safe.

But not participating in the markets – especially when they’re going up hard and fast – is much more costly.

Because the opportunity being given up often far outpaces the risks.

That’s why trading always requires courage.

We can’t do that part for you. But what we can do is offer you the right guidance so taking action feels easier and more certain.

That’s why, in a few hours at 4 p.m. Eastern today…

Ross Givens is going LIVE for a masterclass showing you his highest-percentage method of taking maximum advantage of rallies just like this one…

A method taken from the same playbook as the best traders in history.

So just click here to confirm your attendance for his live masterclass later…

And watch for the login details hitting your inbox very soon.

Ross will see you inside.

The Traders Agency Team

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