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This is How to Behave in a Market Rally 


Hey friend,

Welcome back to a new trading week.

There’s four trading days to go till 2024 – and the market is still going strong, with The Daily Direction table still a beautiful solid green.

Plus, with the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index – the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge – coming in below expectations last Friday…

Things are looking good for more market gains till – and through – 2024.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes except the Dow closed higher last Friday. But on a weekly basis, it was the 8th straight winning week in a row – a rare performance that shows just how strong this rally is now.

The Daily Nugget

Play the rally – but don’t get swept up in it.

Rallies – especially big rallies, like the one we’re in now – are exciting.

There’s lots of gains to be made, and these gains seem easy.

All this is true.

There are indeed a lot of gains to be made, and it is easier to capture them than any other time.

But there’s a difference between intelligently playing the rally – and getting swept up in it…

Disregarding proper position sizing… blindly buying in due to FOMO… ignoring stop losses… refusing to systematically take profits…

These are all signs of getting swept up in a rally – which almost inevitably leads to getting washed away.

So, yes – play this rally. But don’t get swept up in it.

Later today at 12 p.m. Eastern, Ross Givens is going live for a masterclass on the smartest way to play this rally…

By looking for stocks that have hit certain “profit triggers” that could signal explosive moves ahead.

Doing this could have had you sitting on a 48% gain in just the past three weeks…

But with the market only getting hotter, gains like that could just be the start.

So click here to save your seat for Ross’ live masterclass later…

Show up prepared…

And get ready to end 2023 on a high note.

The Traders Agency Team

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