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This is the Trading “Sweet Spot”


Hey friend,

Does the Santa Claus rally seem impressive, given how much stocks have already risen over the past couple of months? Not really.

Does the fact that this Santa Claus rally – “unimpressive” though it is – bode well for what’s to come in 2024? Almost certainly.

So enjoy this “unimpressive” rally, and look forward to 2024. Because that’s when the biggest gains could be realized.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed marginally higher yesterday. It doesn’t seem like anything is going to smear the solid green that is The Daily Direction table anytime soon.

The Daily Nugget

The earliest bird gets the biggest worm. But the “sweet spot” is to come after the earliest bird.

You’ve heard the old saying – so here’s the version for traders.

Yes, the earliest bird gets the biggest worm.

But the earliest bird is also taking the biggest risk – because the worms may not be out that day.

The bird that waits for the early bird to confirm the presence of juicy worms – and is more than happy to take the slightly-smaller-yet-still juicy worms – has the sweet spot.

That’s where we want to position ourselves as traders.

The rally has confirmed that there are much juicy profits to be had – while the Fed has confirmed that there could be still much more to come.

We’re in the trading “sweet spot” now.

And you can be sure it’s not just Ross who’s realized this – the institutional “smart money” investors have as well.

That’s why Ross has been seeing the specific trading patterns – what he calls Stealth Trades – that tell him the institutional money could be about to enter in a big way…

And why, for a very limited time only, he’s giving you the brief chance to get a full year of his complete Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 CENTS…

So you can make the right moves to turn 2024 into your best year ever.

Of course, we can’t keep a deal like this going for much longer.

So, while you still can – click here to grab one year of Stealth Trades for just 99 cents now…

Your future self will thank you.

The Traders Agency Team

All This is Yours for just 99 CENTS! (Limited Time Only)

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