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This is Your Only Job as a Trader


Hey friend,

Just as Ross said it would, the market is bouncing from its highly-oversold conditions.

So let’s see if that has caused any change in the index directions.

The Daily Direction

Note: Yesterday’s upward move in all indexes was not enough to shift any index directions – though the Nasdaq is on the verge of reclaiming its upward long-term trend. The Fed meets today, and tomorrow we’ll find out what their view is in the post-meeting press conference.

The Daily Nugget

Because the market is always right, your primary job as a trader is to make sure you stay on the right side of it.

Ultimately, your opinions don’t matter – because the market is always right.

Therefore, your only job is to be on the right side of the market.

That means positioning yourself intelligently – using risk management to protect your downside and price action to confirm your entry points…

To give yourself the maximum probability of staying on the right side of the market.

Remember, it’s impossible to be on the right side of the market 100% of the time…

But with intelligent positioning, you can win big and lose small.

That’s the key…

And that’s what using a tested strategy can automatically give you…

Which is why – in view of Halloween – Ross Givens is giving away his flagship Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 cents…

Literally less than the price of a candy bar.

This strategy will show you how you could “ride” on the institutional investors trades – essentially allowing you to profit from their money…

And with the market bouncing, NOW is the perfect time to take advantage of it…

So click here to grab one full year of Ross’ Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 cents – before the deal disappears.

The Traders Agency Team

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