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This Trading Strategy is Dangerous


Hey friend,

The Fed concludes its monetary policy meeting tomorrow.

While they’re almost certain to hold rates steady, the question is – how dovish will their view be, especially in light of this morning’s CPI data?

Expect some increased volatility over the next few days.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday and the Daily Direction table remains a solid sea of green. It’s been a great December for the bulls.

The Daily Nugget

It’s dangerous to try to sell overbought conditions and buy oversold conditions.

Two of the most common market terms you’ll hear are “overbought” and “oversold”…

As in, the market is “overbought” (translation – it may be too high) or “oversold” (translation – it may be too low).

Some traders try to sell overbought conditions and buy oversold conditions.

This is dangerous – because it ignores the even more powerful effect of market momentum.

Selling overbought conditions is a recipe for missing out on the biggest rallies…

And buying oversold conditions is a recipe for buying into even steeper declines.

It’s a much better strategy to (intelligently) follow the market…

To take full advantage of its momentum – but without making the classic “buy high and sell low” mistake.

Right now, many are saying the market is “overbought”…

But with almost $6 trillion parked on the sidelines…market sentiment becoming more and more bullish… and the Fed possibly pivoting toward a more dovish outlook tomorrow…

The next big rally could be just over the horizon.

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