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Trading Wisdom from Charlie Munger


Hey friend,

Markets have been trading sideways for a while now.

Is this a sign of the market consolidating before it makes an even bigger move higher?

One thing to look at is the release of the latest Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index data – the Fed’s closely-watched inflation gauge – tomorrow morning.

If it comes in below expectations – just like this month’s CPI print – we could see the rally kick off again.

The Daily Direction

Note: Most indexes closed marginally higher yesterday, except the Russell 2000 – which closed marginally lower. No change in any index directions, however.

The Daily Nugget

“I have a friend who’s a fisherman. He says, ‘I have a simple rule for success in fishing. Fish where the fish are.’ You want to fish where the bargains are. That simple. If the fishing is really lousy where you are you should probably look for another place to fish.”
~Charlie Munger

The legendary Charlie Munger – vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway – just passed away.

And while his philosophy of ultra long-term investing could not be more different than we do as traders – it doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from his wisdom.

And today’s Daily Nugget about fishing where the fish are perfectly applies to trading as well.

Certain sectors fall in and out of the market’s favor all the time. In 2022, energy stocks dominated among a bear market. In 2023, it’s all about tech and AI.

If you want to consistently profit from the market, you have to go for the rising sectors – aka where the fish are.

That’s Ross Givens’ philosophy…

And it’s one shared by the big “smart money” institutional investors as well…

Meaning if you know where the “smart money” is going…

You could jump in alongside them – and potentially profit using THEIR money.

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