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What is Good Timing in Trading?


Hey friend,

Major indexes recovered most of their losses from Wednesday by the close of Thursday.

That’s why you always need to wait and see a little when it comes to major news like this – they always take time to digest.

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Note: All indexes closed higher yesterday on the back of the cooler-than-expected PPI report, sending a couple directions back upward.

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Good timing in trading is a balancing act between waiting for greater confirmation and not missing the entry window.

Someone who panic sold on Wednesday would have regretted it by the close of Thursday.

Their mistake? Not waiting for greater confirmation.

But there’s a balancing act here – because if you wait too long, you’ll miss the opportunity window.

Being able to expertly walk this line is what makes a skilled trader.

A lot of it simply comes from experience.

That’s why having the guidance of someone who’s been doing this for ages – someone like Ross Givens – is so useful.

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The Traders Agency Team

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