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What Successful Trading Really Is


Hey friend,

10-year Treasury yields hit a new high yesterday, rising above the 4.9% mark.

Combine this with continually increasing uncertainty in the Middle East and some weak earnings numbers – and you have a recipe for a down day in the markets.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed lower yesterday – causing multiple index directions to flip downward. It wasn’t a huge move down, but the fact that it caused so many changes in index directions just shows how precarious the market has been lately.

The Daily Nugget

Successful trading is just systematically testing and refining hypotheses.

Before you enter a trade, you should always have a hypothesis…

What do you expect the stock to do – and why do you expect it to do that?

Then you need to test the hypothesis – either by putting some money into it or even by paper trading…

And then refine the hypothesis based on what happens after.

Rinse and repeat until your hypotheses play out more often than not – and you have the basis for successful trading.

It’s almost like the scientific method.

This is how the legendary “traders of old” did it – and how many are still doing it.

The problem is it can take quite a while.

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut…

Which is to use a hypothesis that’s already been tested time and time again in many different conditions…

Because a hypothesis is essentially just a trading strategy…

And by using one that’s already been “put through the paces” – you could save yourself A LOT of time.

That’s essentially what we do here at Traders Agency – give you tested trading hypotheses you can immediately implement.

And if you’re looking for one you can use right now – even in this challenging market…

Our Chief Trading Strategist Ross Givens has you covered…

And you can click here to start using his flagship strategy right now.

The Traders Agency Team

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