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Be Careful of This Common Advice


Hey friend,

Ross’ case that the market is bouncing gets stronger by the day – just look at today’s Daily Direction for proof.

The Daily Direction

Note: Market momentum is positive, and all indexes closed higher yesterday – with both Treasury yields and the US dollar retreating. The short-term direction of the S&P 500 flipped upwards (though only barely so).

The Daily Nugget

Be careful about blindly applying the “don’t fight the market trend” advice.

The trend is your friend… never go against the market’s trend…

These are all common pieces of trading advice you’ve heard before.

And you know what? Generally speaking, they’re accurate.

You should use the trend as your friend instead of trying to swim against the current.

But there is a real danger in blindly applying this advice.

For instance, certain stocks may be defying the broader market trend and be rising when the market is falling.

Their individual trends may be opposed to the market’s trend…

But that doesn’t mean you can’t profit from them.

Plus, it’s usually these stocks that surge the highest when the market trend reverses…

So getting in before that happens – when these stocks’ individual trends are positive amid a declining market – is how you can make the most profits.

Right now, the market trend is just starting to reverse and move upwards

But Ross Givens is already recommending positions in the highest-potential stocks – those whose individual trends were already moving higher even amid the pullback.

Luckily, we’re still in the very early stages of this market bounce – meaning there’s still time to go after the juiciest opportunities.

And all you have to do is click here to get Ross’ recommended strategy for targeting these gains right now.

Don’t miss out.

The Traders Agency Team

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