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This Always Catches Traders Off Guard


Hey friend,

Markets are off to a bit of a slow start in June.

But that can change in an instant.

The Daily Direction

Note: Indexes ended the day mixed yesterday – but with no changes in any directions.

The Daily Nugget

The market can shift speeds much quicker than traders expect.

One minute, a stock is going nowhere – stuck in a sideways holding pattern that never seems to end.

The next minute it’s rocketing toward the stratosphere – for seemingly no reason at all.

This happens all the time…

And it takes so many traders by surprise, because they expect things to move in an “orderly” manner.

But the market is just a composite of millions of people’s trading behavior – and people are rarely “orderly” in that sense.

Stocks can and do suddenly take off…

So the only question is – how can you spot these stocks before that happens?

That’s why tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern…

Chief Trading Strategist Ross Givens is going LIVE for a masterclass that will allow you to target these stocks – before they break out.

The key? His favorite chart pattern of all time – one that has also been used time and time again by the world’s greatest traders.

After his live masterclass tomorrow, you’ll know:

  • Exactly what this chart pattern looks like in individual stocks…
  • The statistics of its incredible performance in both bull and bear markets…
  • And how to precisely position yourself within this pattern to set yourself up for the biggest gains.

So make sure you click here to secure your seat for Ross’ live masterclass tomorrow…

And we’ll send you the login details before it starts.

The Traders Agency Team

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