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Forget the Dow – Focus on Stocks that Surge


Why care what thirty stocks do on any given day?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) has a great origin story with Charles Dow and his Customers’ Afternoon Letter that first showcased what would become the Dow Index and of course the Wall Street Journal.

But it doesn’t matter to you – or rather it shouldn’t matter to you!

Unless you own one or more of these thirty stocks – it’s antiquated. And you should keep reading my version of a list of stocks to care about – because they will make you a lot more money on any given day than the old list from Charles Dow. 

I call my list – The Watch List. And they are stocks that are either surging now, today – or they shall in the coming days. These stocks are where you are going to make money.

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Why Dow Is Done & Which Stocks Matter

The talking heads have most people following indexes like the Dow.

The Dow Jones index tracks 30 of the most boring stocks in the world.

Procter & Gamble (PG)… Travelers Insurance (TRV)… Walmart (WMT)… and Nike (NKE) that I highlighted for its follies earlier this week in Traders Daily Direction.

Personally, I could care less what those dinosaurs are doing.

I’m focused on the stocks making big moves.

Zion Oil & Gas (ZNOG) is up 107% in the last week.

Metamaterial (MMATF) climbed 93.9%.

Other stocks like ALFI (+67.8%) and ATOS (+41.7%) also soared.

So, forgive me if I don’t get excited about a 2% up week in the Dow.

To outperform the market, you have to think differently.

Investing in the same stocks as everyone else is a recipe for mediocre results.

Detach yourself from the indexes.

Forget what Apple (AAPL) is doing.

Stick to stocks that can outperform.

This is where you will find an edge.

I’ll share one such stock with you.

This is one I’m waiting to buy.

The company is Movado Group, ticker symbol MOV.

The small-cap watchmaker is up big this year, but it still has a lot of room to run.

Movado beat earnings expectations in each of the last four quarters.

Sales were up 93% in Q1, and earnings are surging as well.

The stock has been consolidating since April.

I’m waiting for a breakout above $32.50 to show me the stock is in play.

Based on what MOV has done in the past, this could trigger a price surge of 50% or more.

As always, I’ll use a tight stop loss to keep my risk under 10%.

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