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Self-Fulfilling Profits for the End of the Year?


Hey friend,

The sharp pullback yesterday didn’t last.

Momentum is just too strong – and historical precedent puts the “Santa Claus rally” as starting now.

The Daily Direction table? As green as an undecorated Christmas tree.

The Daily Direction

Note: All indexes closed sharply higher yesterday – nearly reversing the previous day’s losses. No change in any index directions, which all remain solidly upward.

The Daily Nugget

Because the market traders on expectations, historical precedents can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

The last five trading days of the year is when the “Santa Claus rally” happens.

Historical precedent puts this as the most probable scenario.

But this can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Because if people expect the Santa Claus rally to happen…

They’ll put more money into the markets in anticipation – thereby contributing to (or even creating) the rally itself.

This is an interesting yet counter-intuitive feature of the markets – and it’s why it always moves in cycles.

But in this specific case, it’s good news…

Because it means the chances of a Santa Claus rally that starts today are very good – especially on the back of the rally that started in November.

Plus, this kind of self-fulfilling historical rallies don’t just apply to individual investors – but the big institutions as well.

They know that this rally could be a self-fulfilling prophecy – so you can be sure many of them will be taking part.

And this is something you can exploit with Ross Givens’ flagship Stealth Trades strategy…

A strategy which could show you how to pinpoint the specific stocks these institutions could be moving in on.

Now, as part of our Christmas special, you can get one full year of access to Ross‘ Stealth Trades strategy for just 99 CENTS by clicking here.

So gift yourself the best Christmas present ever – the ability to buy way more presents next year.

But don’t wait – because this rally certainly won’t, and we’ll be taking this Christmas deal down very soon.

The Traders Agency Team

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