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[SPECIAL VIDEO] Inflation-Trouncing Stocks


Everyone is getting worked up about inflation right now. 

Bond traders, stock traders, as well as every other trader is trying to get a handle on what inflation is going to do – and more importantly – what the Federal Reserve is going to do with its policies, actions as well as bond buying.

Jay Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, hosted his regular press conference last week right after the regular meeting of the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC). And this week, he was grilled yet again by politicos on Capitol Hill. He is in the hot seat right now.

As traders, we need to listen to what he’s saying –and watch what the Federal Reserve is doing – but don’t have to get all clutched-up about it

There are always stocks that are ready to surge independently of what’s going on at the Federal Reserve.

And the stocks on the Watch List are prime examples to buy right now.

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In today’s Traders Daily Direction, I want to share my views on inflation and Chairman Powell and talk directly to you about the markets and stocks.

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