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SSI In Action: Video of My SCOR!


Today I am doing something different. 

I’m going to show you a live trade so you can see how my Surge Stock Indicator (SSI) works in real time.


I wanted to share a LIVE trading session where you’ll watch me firsthand, from my entry on Thursday to the latest updates I recorded for all of you guys yesterday. 

It’s a perfect example of my system in action – with careful instructions to follow along the way. 

It also gives you a feel for just how fast these surges can come and go. 

The stock is from a company called comScore (SCOR). And it is moving quickly from my buy at $4.25 to a current price of $4.99 (as of Monday afternoon).

comScore provides consumer behavior data and analysis for a host of customers in online, streaming, and other businesses. It is a modern version of old line companies like Nielsen Holdings (NLSN) and continues to expand its capabilities in monitoring, evaluating and calculating consumer information.

comScore Price & Volume Source Bloomberg

comScore has now become a surging stock. And it has done so with a big jump in trading volume that’s well-above the average for this stock.

Insiders own a good piece of the company – but recently bought a whole bunch more. They added 36.60% to their stock position of the company. This confirms to me that I’m on to something with this company and stock – as insiders know all about what’s under the hood and in the books.

Institutions are also piling in. Investments from fund managers, advisors, hedge funds, trusts and banks represent 91.63% of outstanding shares. So not only are the big boys already on board, but these investors tend to hold for a long time, meaning there aren’t many shares available to trade.

Small supply plus growing demand can lead to huge profits.

The company announced quarterly results last month and revealed a big improvement in sales  with a gain for the first time since 2018. A turn in sales could be just the catalyst this small-cap needs to kickstart a huge run up in price.

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