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Surge Stocks on the Move


Each of the surge stocks inside Traders Daily Direction are vetted using the Stock Surge Indicator (SSI) system.

The SSI takes market trading data from thousands of stocks and identifies stocks with the top scores. These are then further winnowed for the best stocks that we can present to you each and every week inside Traders Daily Direction.

And for those of you that have recently joined us here at Traders Daily Direction, I strongly recommend making sure that you are up to speed on my SSI system.

You don’t need to know the math or to do the calculations – but you do need to understand how it works and why.

This will empower you to be able to buy into the surge stocks with more confidence.

To get up to speed on my SSI – please download for free and read my special report: The Magic of the SSI.

For the full Watch List for this week, click here now.

Now, let’s recap some of the recent surge stocks on the move that have so far returned from 6.15% to over 10% since being presented inside Traders Daily Direction.

Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates (MANH) provides systems for distribution centers for logistical management of supply chains. 

Now, that sounds boring – but it is far from it. This is at the core of how companies work.

This stock was presented in the July 26 issue of Traders Daily Direction.

You’ve read or experienced firsthand shortages in products that you want or need to buy right now – from cars to appliances.

And the companies building or supplying these products are scrambling to manage supply chains for needed input goods and services to make and sell more.

This is what Manhattan Associates fixes for companies. It doesn’t make semiconductors – but it does make it possible to order and route those chips to make the most of their availability.

And the examples of Manhattan’s services go on and on…

This company is at ground zero right now for what is needed for companies to deliver more to customer and make more revenue.

And making more revenue is what Manhattan is now doing. It got whacked in sales growth during the virus mess.

Manhattan Associates Price — Source: Bloomberg

But for the last reported quarter, it had a surge of recovery and advancement in sales with more coming.

The stock has done well so far with a gain from July 26 to now of 7.78%.

Mimecast Limited

Mimecast Limited (MIME) is another technology company that like for Manhattan Associates is mission critical for businesses to be successful companies. It does it by focusing on another must have technology – security.

The stock was presented in the August 2 issue of Traders Daily Direction.

Hacking is now a daily way of life for everyone, including every single company on the planet.

And with more and more companies adopting cloud computing – specialized data security for remote data is now a must have. This is where Mimecast has its specialty.

Based in the nice, storied town of Watertown, Massachusetts, the company has been getting a lot more business with the recent arms race for data security.

Operating margins are a little slim, likely due to the rising expense of hiring top-flight security engineers to get the company’s products up and humming.

But it does manage to deliver a reasonable return on shareholder equity that is running at 10.00%.

The company has lots of cash on hand and minimal debt providing for plenty of investment capability for further growth. And growth is the operating word for the stock.

It has returned 406.17% over the trailing five years – trouncing the smaller-cap Russell 2000 Index for the same time period by over 400%.

Mimecast Price — Source: Bloomberg

The stock since August 2 to now has gained 7.06%.

Olin Corporation

Olin Corporation (OLN) is a chemical and ammunition company. That’s an odd combination – but it makes for two great businesses in one company.

The stock was presented in the August 9 issue of Traders Daily Direction.

The chemicals business makes must have stuff for a variety of products and industries, including – and this is really big right now – Chlorine for pools.

Chlorine is in huge and further surging demand right now, and Olin is the go-to company for it.

Then, ammo is used for sporting use and the military. Outdoors is calling now and into the fall and Olin is loaded for game. And the military here and beyond is always needing more stuff to fire.

Sales are exploding right now for Olin. The last quarter alone – revenue is up by 78.96% and it is a big surging trend.

Olin Corp Price — Source: Bloomberg

From August 9 to now, the stock has returned 6.15%.

Movado Group

Movado Group (MOV) designs, makes and sells watches, jewelry, and all sorts of related semi-luxury products.

The stock was also presented in the August 9 issue of Traders Daily Direction.

Most of these items were not what folks wanted or needed when they were staying at home and working from home.

But that’s then – now, we’re getting out and getting back to business. This means getting dressed and wanting watches and other items to wear.

This shows up in the sales turnaround – and I mean turnaround.

Sales were down, down and down more earlier this year and for last year. But now, sales are surging with the last quarter report showing a surge of 93.49%.

Movado Group Price — Source: Bloomberg

From August 9 to now, the stock has returned 10.15%.

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